Ride Chesterfield

The way we roll



What’s occurring then ?

I’ve been riding bikes for nearly 50 years. For me bicycles have always symbolised adventure and freedom. From my early days of riding around the block, adolescent years of riding to Barrow Hill and on really big days out Shirebrook trainspotting to later adventures further afield, the bike was a means of getting there and the real fun was what I’d encounter on the way.

This blog / website is a bit of a self indulgence. It’s all about riding in an around my adopted home town of Chesterfield.

For me, cycling is not dissimilar to a religion. It has it’s various belief systems -road, MTB, gravel, track, commuting etc all of which to an extent think theirs is the one true cause but begrudgingly accept the others.

This blog is not geared to one specific chapter of the cycling faith as I practice various disciplines. I’ll admit that some of what I write maybe controversial or boring, but please, stick along for the ride – you may enjoy the journey.

ride safe